So much to catch in this life… trains, planes, ferry’s… the lovely eye of an unknown  passer by that roams around…
What about a consistent left with 200 meters long that will become your own high-performance playground?
Is one life really enough?
Pack your stuff, get yourself another life…

Who We Are

We are a premium surf tourism operator that will guide you to a 12 Km coastline in the North of Portugal – 50 minutes from Porto – on a lifetime journey with everything you will get for an amazing surfing experience.

We are experts fully dedicated to welcome – inclusively – small groups of friends, families and solo travellers...

Easy Life preserves the essence of surfing: quietness, harmony, natural surroundings and peace of mind. So, skip weather report and feel free to roam...


What We Do

Our aim is to provide a premium life experience that involves:

- Surf sessions in uncrowded waves and beaches
- High level gastronomy, premium accommodation and an intimate sense of place feeling that you will reach with the tours that are designed for Easy Life lovers
- Exclusiveness of each journey

From two (minimum) to six surfers (maximum), beginners, medium and advanced level surfers are welcome, with a tailored program for each one: boards, wetsuits and monitors included.

When required, a Product Factsheet is available with detailed information. Just e-mail us and we will send it!


What is included?

- The journey from Porto and return, transport and guidance along the days
- Warm up sessions based on cross fitting methods
- Guidance to the suitable waves and beaches, according to weather conditions
- Surfboards, wetsuits and accredited monitors fully dedicated
- Guided tours to the most incredible places in the region, out of the usual sightseeing tours
- Premium accommodation at our own properties.

Three programs are designed for the experience. Check them here:


With the Institutional Support of the Municipality of Caminha